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I think "Monday the 13th" is scarier than " Friday the 13th" because you still have the whole week.

The outside world does not tell the true worth of yourself

Move the test to Friday?..... well.... maybe...............NO!

Got formula!

Cha ching for the bling bling!

It's time to separate the men from the boys, the women from the girls, the bears from the cubs, the cats from the kittens, the dogs from the pups, kangaroos from the joeys, the trees from the saplings, the frogs from the tadpoles, the doe from the fawns, the fungus from the spores, the lions from the cubs, the butterflies from the caterpillars, geese from the goslings, jellyfish from the medusa, the eukaryotes from the prokaryotes, the vertebrates from the invertebrates, the lampry from the lancelets, the flies from the maggots, the grasshoppers from the nymphs, the cows from the calves, the cephalopods from the gastropods, the dicots from the monocots, angiosperms from the gymnosperms, the horses from the ponies and last but not least, the pigs from the piglets.

Moreno says:

  Should you go to the website? A good student would.

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