COURSE STRUCTURE: Anatomy and Physiology is a college preparatory science course. It is
divided into 10 units of study, which upon successful completion, will give you 10 units 
of credit. We will meet for class everyday in Room 120. An attempt will be made to mix lab
and lecture each period.

COURSE PROCEDURE: Each unit in A&P will concentrate on a particular system or related
systems of the human body. Develop (or maintain) good study habits at the beginning
and the course will flow much smoother. For each unit of study, you  will receive two booklets. 
One is a LAB BOOKLET and will contain the instructions and questions pertaining 
to the experiments. DO NOT WRITE IN THE LAB BOOKLET! Lab booklets must be returned in
good condition. If a booklet is lost or returned in poor condition, you will have to pay $1.00 
to replace it. The other booklet contains worksheets which you will complete and turn in for 
grading. If you lose your WORKSHEET PACKET, it will cost you another $1.00.

1. UNIT NOTEBOOKS (Each student should follow these steps)

   a). Every time a new lab booklet is started, remember to look through 
       both the labs and worksheets to become familiar with what is expected. 
       Begin wth Unit 1, Introduction and the Integumentary System.

   b). Start with the first item in the Table of Contents. If it is a lab 
       exercise, you will need to start this next time you are in class. If it 
       is a reading assignment, it should be completed at home before your 
        next scheduled lab.

   c). The Unit Notebook should be written in ink on binder paper (never typed, 
       which includes computer printouts). You should make your own title pages. (Be creative, 
       but keep them in good taste, they are worth extra credit). Please write up labs on
       ONE SIDE of the paper only. For each lab write-up, include the lab number, title,
       purpose, hypothesis, data, answered questions, and conclusions in that order. 
       Use complete sentences at all times.

   d). Every lab must receive a verification signature (SIG). If you fail to 
       obtain the signature, you will receive no credit for the lab. To qualify 
       for a verification signature, Moreno or your Lab Tech must have 
       observed you during the exercise in question. We shall check to make sure 
       you are keeping up with the reading.

2. WORKSHEET PACKET: Worksheets will be collected in segments. 
   Please make them neat and staple them in the proper order. 
   They will be graded and returned to you prior to the test. The microscope 
   drawing sheets and data tables should be removed and placed with 
   the corresponding lab write-up in the notebook. Even though the labs 
   should be written up in ink, the drawings should be completed in 
   pencil only. You will need a set of colored pencils for use on several of
   the worksheets.

3. TESTS AND QUIZZES: The title page of the Worksheet Booklet
   consists of a series of YOU SHOULD KNOW statements. Use it as a
   study guide when preparing for the test. You will be provided with
   a list of essay questions for each test. Since I show you the essays
   ahead of time, in depth, accurate answers are expected. The tests 
   are all half multiple choice and half short answer and essays. There
   will also be one announced quiz approximately two weeks into the
   unit. At the end of the semester there will be a written final exam
   and a lab poject.

   Unit tests missed due to an excused absence must be 
   made up after school 2 weeks from the test da te. Make up tests 
   will cover the same material, but will be an entirely different test form 
   and their essays will not be given in advance. TESTS OR 

   Unit quizzes must be made up on the announced make-up day. The
   make-up day is usually after school. If you miss the make-up quiz 
   your grade will be a zero.

4. TEXTBOOK: In A&P you will be issued a college level text entitled
   Human Physiology and Anatomy. It is a relatively new book. It is
   a fantastic text and although it is thick and somewhat heavy, it
   reads very well. It costs $38.00 and must be covered at all times
   and returned in very good condition at the end of the school ear.
   If this book is damaged, be prepared to purchase a new copy for
   next year's class. Due to increased enrollment this year, we have no
   spare books.

5. LABORATORY PROCEDURE: Lab activities will take place for part of
   the period during most class meetings. When you enter the room,
   please sit in your assigned desks. I will always have something to
   say (announcements, lecture, lab instructions, etc.), and when I
   have finished you may move to your lab stations.

*This procedure should be followed when a student enters the lab and
 begins to work on an exercise:

a). Please read the lab exercise compeltely before you come to class.
    Occasionally, pre-lab write-ups will be due.

b) The equipment necessary for the exercise will be placed in a well 
   marked location. Obtain all necessary equipment and begin the

c) Prepare your lab report on scratch paper as you do the exercise. 
   Make sure that you answer the questions and ask the teacher or 
   lab tech if you need help.

d) Obtain a verication signature from Moreno or the Lab Tech. Retain 
   the rough copy of the lab with the signature until it can be transfered
   to your final draft. If you run out of time in lab, obtain a half sig
   and finish the lab questions at home. You must obtain a full sig the following day.

e) Return all materials and equipment to the correct place and clean 
   the equipment if necessary.

f) Clean up the work area so you don't cause problems for the students 
   in the next period. 

OPEN LAB is available for assistance and makeup work. Open labs will be announced 
at the beginning of the year.


I will use the point system in A&P. Each unit will be worth 100 
points. These points are derived from the following:

Lab Notebook     =      32
Worksheets       =      18
Quiz             =      10
Test             =      40
TOTAL            =      100 points

In most cases you will know your scores within 1 week of 
completion. You total points (also you percentage in this case) 
will determine you letter grade for each unit. Semester grades 
will be based on your percentage of the total possible points.

     90-100     =      A
     80-89      =      B
     70-79      =      C
     60-69      =      D
     0-59       =      F

The notebooks will be graded in the following manner. When they
are collected, they will be surveyed to make certain all labs have
the necessary verification signatures. Points will be deducted for 
those missing. A student volunteer will choose a random lab number
from the hat. The "selected lab" will then be graded extensively, looking
at the scientific content, written expression, format, grammar, spelling, neatness, etc. 
Providing the notebook has all the required signatures, the percent score on the "selected 
lab" will be used to determine the total notebook score. It will be to 
your advantage to write up every lab with care.

7. ATTENDANCE POLICY: Attendance will be taken at the beginning of 
each scheduled meeting. If you come in late, please make sure that 
the Lab Tech doesn't mark you absent. If you must leave the room, 
notify me of your need and I (not the lab tech will issue you a pass).
School detention will be served for both tardies and unexcused absences.
Please get to class on time. The passing period between periods is 6 minutes.
You need to be in the classroom when the bell sounds or 
you will be considered late. Excessive absences (more than 5 per 
quarter) or tardies (more than 5 per quarter) will result in extra 
assignments for you. Faliure to complete the assignments will
lower you grade. Work missed during excused absences must be made up at the next
scheduled Open Lab.  In cases of prolonged absences, students may make special arrangements 
for completing their assignments.  No make up work will be 
accepted for unexcused absences.

8. Cheating Policy:
If a student is caught cheating on a quiz or a 
test, he/she will recieve no points on the exam.  If you copy another 
student's lab write-up or worksheets, both the person copying and 
the one supplying the material will recieve zero points on the 
assignment.  In lab you are encourages to work together, but 
I don't care to grade identical papers.

9.  Time Schedules
It is very important that you remaim caught up 
in A&P.  A schedule of time limits for each until has been 
provided on the following page.  Post it at home.  LATE NOTEBOOKS or 
WORKSHEETS will be penalized 2 points/day and LATE TESTS 
are not accepted.

10.  Extra Credit
20 points of extra credit can be obtained per semester. 
Extra credit can be accumulated by making flashcards, creative title pages, 
attending guest speaker presentations and keeping up with the reading.  
Extra credit is added only at the end of each semester.  Under no 
circumstance is extra credit added to quarter grades.

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