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1. How long have you known the teacher?

2. Discuss your community services. Include club participation, offices held, involvement in community events. Remember, don't just list your services, I need details. Write in complete sentences.

3. Discuss your academic qualities while in Anatomy and Physiology. Include any positive ( learning ) experiences in A&P. Personal quotes add that extra touch to a nice letter of recommendation. Remember, good letters of recommendation are specific letters of recommendation.

4. Discuss your final project during first semester. Include the subject of your project and how it felt to present your project to other students.

5. Discuss your athletic and creative endeavors. Include the sports you are involved in and musical instruments that you play. Part of being a life-long learner is experiencing many different lessons.

6. Discuss your short and long term goals. Include your posible major in college and career. Discuss why you chose this major and how you plan to affect others at the college level.

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