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Welcome to Moreno's Anatomy and Physiology Website at Lincoln High School. This website is designed for student usage. Students can download the monthly calendar for daily activities and print out class lecture notes to be filled out prior to classroom discussions. Students can become more involved with lecture by using prepared outline notes. These notes leave out important data that students need to fill in as your lecture proceeds. This format will enable students to build knowledge prior to receiving formal explanations using the internet, laser disk and video clips.

There are practice exams to be used after a student has studied their lecture notes, essay questions and lab write-ups. I also recommend students to go to the Student Center and Interactive Study Partner located in "Helpful Links". These links provide students with a media enriched and self-paced approach when reviewing the material. Please do not take the practice exams until you have studied completely.

Upon successful completion of Anatomy and Physiology at Lincoln High students can receive credit at Delta College in the 2+2 program.

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  Should you go to the website? A good student would.

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