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Unit 10

1. Which is NOT a function of the urinary system? 

     A. Filters unwanted material from plasma 
     B. Stores urine 
     C. Forms urine 
     D. Removes unwanted material from ureter

2. Where are the kidneys located? 

     A. Upper back just distal to rib cage 
     B. Lower back just below ribe cage 
     C. Upper back just above rib cage 
     D. Lower back just anterior to rib cage 

3. What takes urine from the kidney to the bladder? 

     A. Ureter
     B. Urethra 
     C. Hilus 
     D. Renal arteries 

4. Nephrons are located in _____  

     A. Renal Pelvis
     B. Renal Medulla
     C. Renal Cortex
     D. Renal Veins

5. What collecting tubes connect together in the renal medulla?

     A. Papilla
     B. Calyces
     C. Plasma
     D. Pyramids

6. Nephrons are the funtional unit of what organ?

     A. Heart
     B. Small Intestine
     C. Kidney
     D. Liver

7. What is the ball of capillaries that separates plasma from blood 

     A. Glomerulus
     B. Bowman's Capsule
     C. Loop of Henle
     D. Renal Corpuscle

8. Which structure does NOT transport  filtrate from Bouman's capsule 
   toward the collecting tube?

     A. superior convoluted tubule
     B. proximal convoluted tubule
     C. loop of henle
     D. distal convoluted tubule

9. The urinary bladder can hold 600mL of urine and is uncomfortable 
   at _____ mL. 

      A. 150mL
      B. 500mL
      C. 450mL
      D. 300mL

10. What is not found in urine?

      A. urea
      B. sugar
      C. salts
      D. uric acid

11. What is the scientific name for a sperm?

       A. spermotomatic
       B. spermatozoon
       C. spermatograph
       D. spermatan

12. Where does meiosis occur?

       A. gonads
       B. somatic cells
       C. gametes
       D. ovum

13. What is the name of the tubes on top of the testes where sperm is 

       A. epididymis
       B. prostate gland 
       C. vas deferens
       D. seminiferoue tubules

14. What is NOT secreted from seminal vesicles?

       A. fructose
       B. vitamins
       C. amino acids
       D. allkaline fluid

15. Semen is a mixture of sperm and fluid, but is not from which structure?

       A. bulbourethral gland
       B. seminal vesicle
       C. ejaculatory ducts
       D. prostrate gland

16. What is the hormone produced by the corpus luteum for final preperation 
   of the uterus lining?

       A. progesterone
       B. estrogen
       C. fimbria
       D. testosterone

17. Fallopian tubes are also known as _____.

       A. broad ligaments
       B. uterus tubes
       C. uterine tubes
       D. ovary tubes

18. What is NOT a layer of the uterus?

       A. endometrium
       B. uterometrium
       C. myometrium
       D. perimetrium

19. What is a muscular mebranpus tube between the urethra and rectum?

       A. clitoris
       B. vagina
       C. vestibule
       D. uterus

20. The scrotum keeps the temp _____ degrees cooler than the abdomen?

       A. 1.5 degrees
       B. 2 degrees
       C. 2.5 degrees
       D. 3 degrees


1. d
2. b
3. a
4. c
5. d
6. c 
7. a
8. a
9. d
10. b
11. b
12. a
13. a
14. d
15. c
16. a
17. c
18. b
19. b
20. a

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